Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cameron like his piggies!
And his daddy!

Being a mom is fun but crazy!

Sorry it has been awhile but last week was a little nuts for Cam & I. Daddy went to Vegas on Wednesday for a company trip. One day I was very, very sick & on the couch all day. I felt very bad for Cameron but Mommy used the little energy she had to change him, feed him & dress him. Grandma Amy came Friday night & stayed the night. We took Cameron to the Newport Aquarium on Saturday. It was mainly for Grandma but Cameron had some fun. Mainly just people watching though. He loves to just sit & watch people. The only time he noticed the fish was the shark tunnel at the end. His eyes got real big & he went "Oh"! When we got home Daddy was home. He was so excited to see his daddy. On another note he is adjusting pretty good. I can't believe we have had him almost a month. On 02/27 we finally met our son in Guatemala. They tell you all the pain of the adoption goes away once you have them. I have to admit most of it goes away. Every now & again I think of all the things we went through & if we would do it again. Right now I say if his birthmother had another & selected us to adopt him/her we would in a heart beat. Even after everything we went through we are so grateful to have him be our son. I just can't imagine a day without him. It feels like he was always with us.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Life with Cameron

It has been going pretty good for us. Cameron is a very happy boy. Mommy & Daddy are adjusting just as he is. The first week we were home we were wore out. Trying to get on a schedule has been a little difficult. He is sleeping for 10 hours every night. At first he was napping 2 hours so Mommy could get stuff done around the house or nap too. Now he may take a half hour nap but that is it. About 8:00 he is very grumpy. We did our first trip to Target on Wednesday & our first trip to the grocery yesterday. Mommy is getting used to doing these things with Cameron. Daddy has been helping us the last two weeks but went back to work on Monday. Cameron cried when he went to work. We actually went in on Tuesday & had lunch with Daddy at his office. His whole office was so excited to see him. Our son likes to be a showboat so he entertained everyone. He is really walking pretty good. By the time Dan gets home he is a little tired though. Daddy calls him "Drunk Boy" b/c he walks like he has drank a whole case of beer. He loves to chase the animals around the house. He really loves going after the cats. Unfortunately he is pretty rough with them. We are trying to teach him to not hit them. Yes, he is testing his boundaries. I know part of it is his attachment & part is him just being one seeing what he can get away with. He is finally liking his baths. He is quite funny in the tub. I am posting some new pictures so you can all see how cute our son is.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

We are home!

I will post more tonight but we are home & doing great. Cameron loves his daddy very much & it is going to be hard once he goes back to work next week. He gives us kisses every day. He took his first steps last night. We were told they usually regress a few months once they get home. He is so smart & wants to keep going. Hopefully he takes a little while to walk so I can enjoy a little of the baby before the big boy emerges. I will post some pictures tonight once he is asleep.