Friday, July 31, 2009

Dodgers Game

I am really, really behind. Here are the pictures from Cameron's first official professional baseball game.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vacation-Part 2

Sorry for the delay. Between Cameron & I being sick, getting things together for the get-together and Cameron's new big boy room (pics when we are done) I have been busy. Thursday morning we headed to Universal Studios. Parking is so funny in California. They try to get you to pay $8.00 extra to park closer to the park. They try to convince you it is an extra 15 minute walk. Well, it is only 5 extra minutes and we enjoyed scoping out the shops for after the park. Cameron was so excited to get to go be crazy & have fun. He was a little scared of the guy dressed up to look like part of the statue out front. He cried bloody murder. There wasn't many rides there and he wasn't fond of the characters there but he loves being around people. He laughed at the shark from Jaws which was quite funny. We all crashed after a long day at the park.

Friday we took Cameron to the pier & to see the beach. He didn't get to go play in the sand b/c he threw a huge tantrum and wanted a nap. He did get to ride the old carousel there though. After napping we went to a Dodgers game. We got gear Thursday at Universal to wear to the game and Cameron talked about it all day. Poor Dan was a little scared to drive on the California Highways. I lived for a few months way back when so it didn't bother me too much. (Yes, he let me drive home.) Cameron was so excited about baseball but he was a little scared about all the cheering and kept crying everytime it was loud. The ice cream there was so awesome and he thought it was so funny that he got it in a baseball hat. Poor Daddy & Cameron crashed right after the game. (It was 1:00 am back home.)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our first offical week long vacation-Part One

The view from our room.

Santa Monica Pier

Ocean views

Before our first night sleep.

Okay I am finally getting around to blogging about our trip. This was our first official week long vacation with just the three of us and it was surprisingly quite relaxing. I thought for sure with Cameron's sleep issues starting (he wakes up at 3:00 am and cries for at least 2 hours refusing to go back to sleep) and the time change he would be a mess. The night before I got only 2 hours sleep. Between Dan waiting until the last minute to pack and Cameron not wanting to sleep I was so tired. And of course right when we are getting ready to wake him up De*ta called and our flight was delayed an hour. An hour of sleep I could have used. He was pretty good on the flight until the last hour. He refused to sleep and kept throwing his toys to the aisle behind us.

LAX is NOT kid friendly at all. Of course little old me packed an extra suitcase we didn't need and with the crazy traffic Dan got to be the one containing it all. You have to walk across traffic to get the rental car shuttles. We were exhausted and of course they had no car available. We finally arrive at the hotel to see the valet is full (the only way you are allowed to park) and no where to park to find out where to go. We finally squeezed in and went to check in to see papparazzi outside our hotel. Dan told me he sees our hotel on TMZ all the time but I just booked it because it was really close to the beach & we got a great deal. One of the guys at the front desk took us to our room and told us what was going on. Our hotel was very small (75 rooms) and it us U-shaped. The pool sits in the middle & we were on the 2nd floor. He told Dan to look at the lady in the blue dress. That is Leann Rhimes. There was a Christian Dior party going on right there and there was all kind of celebrities there. Dan & I don't usually get star struck but it was neat to see. We changed and went to get something to eat. As we are walking down the street the papparazzi are taking our pictures. Trust me we didn't look like we were at a Christian Dior party with jeans, t-shirts & flipflops. After we ate & walked around a bit we were in bed at 7:00 pm. Hey it was 10:00 at home! Of course Cameron had to sleep with us b/c there was absolutely no way to fit a crib in our very little room. We were sound asleep and the fire alarms start going off. We all woke up and I asked Dan if we really had to leave. I got some shoes, grabbed Cameron & off we went. It was 3:30 in the morning and couldn't believe our first day would end like this. They left the stoves on in the kitchen and couldn't figure out how to turn off the security system. Since it wasn't an emergency I took Cameron to see the firetruck. At least we got something out of it. I was so afraid he wouldn't go back to sleep but he did thank goodness.