Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More pictures of our handsome son!

With daddy at the office.
Playing in a box.
In his Red's gear.
Wearing his new sunglasses.
Cool dude.

At the aquarium with Nana Amy.
Opening his Easter basket.
Handsome Easter outfit.
He loves wearing hats.
Our first holiday as a family.

Sorry it has taken me so long to post but we have been really busy & just enjoying our son. He is running around the house like a mad man. We had to finally break down & get a barrier to confine him to the great room. We have been getting ready for his party to celebrate his first belated birthday & homecoming. The list is so big & this is the first party Mommy has had to plan for him. And of course Tigger & Pooh have to be present. Nana Amy (my mom) is coming this weekend to celebrate her birthday. Cameron's results from his blood test came back & he is completely healthy. Our only issue is he has had horrible bowel movements since the first day we got him. They ran tests to check for parasites (which is very normal for Guatemala) & every is clean. We are now trying to find out if he is lactose intolerant. We are changing his diet & trying to run more tests. I just wish we could figure out what is wrong. My first mother's day is in a few weeks & I am more than excited. If anyone would have told him this little guy would have taken my heart & ran with it I don't know if I would have believed it. It really hits me at night when I running around cleaning up the house & I look over the landing and hear him laughing & playing with daddy. Dan said the other day that it feels like he has been with us forever & it truly does. I thank his birth mother every day for giving us this gift. She is just an angel for giving up her son so we could become parents. I am forever grateful to her.