Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seriously Part 2!

It's official. Mommy has strep. The nurse swabbed my throat and I knew right away that I had it. The doctor came in a few minutes later and said it is not strep and there is nothing I can give you. Seriously! I am in so much pain here. Five minutes later the nurse comes in and says sorry it is positive. I got antibiotics so hopefully I am feeling better by Christmas morning. I really want to enjoy Cameron's first Christmas home. Let me tell you being a stay at home mom is hard when you are sick. I can't take the medicines that knock me out so I really feel the pain from my throat right now. I keep taking ibuprofen for the pain. And Cameron gets so upset when Mommy won't kiss him. He cries so hard. Dan helped out last night so I could rest but Cameron wasn't liking it. No one does it like Mama!! Haha!!!

FYI: The full kitchen came and it is put together waiting for Christmas morning. I can't wait to see his face.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Sorry I haven't blogged lately. This mommy is really sick. Cameron got it last week and gave it to me. We took him to the doctor yesterday and they said he had an upper respitory (sp?)infection but gave him no prescription. The doctor was against any medicine b/c of his age. I am really afraid I have strep and I tend to be a horrible patient. I really need to go to the doctor but it is freezing here in Cincinnati. It was down to -16 with the wind chill last night. Then it will be back up to 50 on Friday. Only in Cincinnati. It is really hard to take care of a toddler while you are trying to rest your voice. Ugggh!! We are hosting Christmas this year and we may be having bologna sandwiches for dinner if I am not feeling better.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy 22 month birthday!

My baby turned 22 months today. I can't believe in 2 months he will be two. I have always loved this little man but the last few days it has hit me really hard. He has such a large part of my heart that I will never get or want back. In the last few days his vocabulary has exploded. He actually talked to his daddy on the phone today. He talks to Dan almost every day at work but usually just listens or says "Dada"! It was so cute hearing the excitement in his daddy's voice today.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Last one for today!

I have to tell you of my Christmas horror story. I actually had about 95% of Cameron's Christmas shopping done before we left for Florida early November. We decided to get him a kitchen set (yes, my boy will know how to cook, clean & do laundry ladies). I got it the end of October but haven't opened the box to check the pieces. The other day I decided to wrap his gifts and get it over with. I always buy too much stuff that I hate wrapping by the time Christmas comes. Anyway, after wrapping most of it I opened the box to check the contents. Wait, where are the directions? Where are the other doors? Where are the other burners for the stove? I checked the back of the box and it said 1/2. I was missing a box. Are you kidding me? This happened to my sister-in-law on Christmas Eve and I knew better but waited anyway. I grabbed the computer and called Amazon. I found out it indeed came in 2 boxes and Fed-Ex didn't drop off the other one. They are sending a whole new replacement. I hope I get it in time and get both boxes. Just an FYI-If you order the Melissa & Doug kitchens they come in two boxes!!!

My first blogger award!!

Hannah nominated me for my first blogger award. I don't know if my blog is so fabulous but thanks for the award. She & her family were actually at pick-up the same time we were. We never met b/c of obsession #5. She actually only lives about 3 hours of me. Maybe some day we can meet half way with our families so our guat-tots can meet. FYI: I love the haircut comment but I hope you aren't devistated b/c I am growing it back. It was a bad idea.

Here are the rules to receiving this award:

1. You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous bloggers in a post. 2. You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions in the post. 3. You must copy and paste the rules and the instructions below in the post. Instructions: On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them.

1st obsession: Windex. I am addicted to windexing everything in my house I can. I know, what am I thinking with a toddler and 5 animals.

2nd obsession: Keeping things in their place. I know, again I have a toddler but I have OCD or something. I get it honestly from my mom. Everything has a place and needs to be in that place. My house is not spotless by any means but things are always in their place. All right most of the time!

3rd obsession: Reading your blogs. I know have a list of almost 50 blogs now that I check almost daily. I am not good at doing my blog and would rather read them than do my own.

4th obsession: Candy!!! Anything grape & sweet I love to eat and it is usually that candy I used to eat at 10 years old. Don't let let me walk by a candy store because I always buy too much. My old co-workers used to make fun of me all the time because of it. Let's just say during the adoption there was an endless supply in my office. The best are the Now a Later candy canes. They taste just like the candy and they stain your lips and tongue just like them too.

5th obsession: This is the hardest to admit. I tend to be obsessed with fitting in. I am very shy but love meeting new people. I tend to be quiet because I am not quite sure what to say to people. But once I warm up and get to know you then I can be a little crazy & silly. I have tried very hard to end this obsession but this is a hard thing to get over.

I am changing it up a little and adding 5 things Cameron is obsessed with.

1st obsession: Zippers! He has figured out how they work and loves to zip them up & down. When he wears his footy pjs I always find him asleep in his crib with them down to his ankles. I have to take a picture of it even though it drives me nuts.

2nd obsession: Dog food bowls. He has started an obsession with feeding them their food and then bringing you their bowls if they are empty. He won't stop until you fill them up.

3rd obsession: Dog poo! We have a yorkie puppy who is having potty training issues when it comes to #2. Cameron will check the great room all day for it. Then when he finds it he needs to keep walking around and checking on it. Then he growls (like his mom) and says "Sammy, no, no!".

4th obsession: His stuffed dog dogs. They go everywhere with us. We got his second one at Home Goods while I was Christmas shopping. Then we got home and I showed him his first one that he had before he came home.

5th obsession: Grapes! He will eat them all day, evey day if you let him. I try to limit his intake b/c the end result is just not pretty.

Okay it is hard to pick 5 blogs out of the 50+ I check every day but here goes:

1) Candy I came across her blog on adoption.com and love reading it. She seems so fun (we have never met in person) and loves to have a good time. She got me hooked on crocs & the charms for them. I finally get to meet her in June at Reunion '09 & then see her again at MoGuate.

2) Jenna I just came across her blog b/c of adoption.com. I just found out our blog is on her list so she discovered me first. She just adopted her 2nd son via domestic adoption.

3) Jeck She is such an awesome person and always has the most sweetest things to say when you are feeling down! I really would love to meet her some day.

4) Ruthanne She has the cutest little boy who is only a month older than Cameron. I would love to meet them some day. Dan says they look a lot alike.

5) http://www.thegrowingwarehouse.blogspot.com/ I love reading this blog and keeping up with their adoption of their 2nd child from Vietnam. They made it just by the cut off time.

Ready for Christmas!

I really, really love Christmas. My grandmother had me hooked. She was so into it and loved passing that on to me. Last year was very depressing and I almost vetoed Christmas. This year is so special b/c Cameron is home that I have to make up for last year. As soon as we got home from Florida the middle of November I told Dan I wanted the tree up. He thought I was crazy. He was taking too long to do so I decided to bring up the tubs of decorations. Needless to say my dumb butt pulled out my back but it was worth it. Cameron loved helping me put the decorations up. Since we only put the tree up last year I couldn't remember where anything went and had to make them unaccessable to a toddler. He now points to them every day and says "Pretty". He also knows who Santa is and says "Santa" all day. Here are some of our pretties.

Cameron picked this out all by himself.

Our Disney ornament.

The beginning of the chaos.

Dan hates blow-ups but let me get these 2 small ones for Cameron.

Let it mow, let it mow, let it mow!

We had our first snow this weekend. On Saturday it started snowing and kept going all day. Most of it didn't stick but Cameron loved watching it all day. He kept saying "Mow, mow". We went out and got him some snow pants and a sled. Sunday morning Dan took him out and pulled up and down the driveway on the sled. He showed no emotion in the video but loved every minute of it. He really liked making snowballs and throwing them.