Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The stitches are out!

Cameron had the stitches taken out yesterday on his neck. There is one little bump from the oblong shaped one but the doctor says it will go down. They look really good now. It is kinda weird to see them no longer there. Everything else is healing really good too. We are completely off bottles now. When we picked him up we took him down to one bottle at night. It really helped with attachment. This week he decided he didn't want anymore bottles. I just wish he would quit growing up. He is getting so big. Okay on to some rockstar cuteness.

His lovely stitches that we had removed. Aren't you done yet?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just measurements from today...

Loving some green popsicles.
Playing with Daddy!
Can you see the 2 bumps on my neck? The doctor took these off today. Dancing with Mommy!! My new favorite thing.

Cameron is 23 and 1/2 lbs & a little over 32 inches tall. He has gained 5 lbs. in the almost 5 months he has been with us. And he grew 3 inches in that time. His pants still don't fit though. Since he has gotten taller he lost his beer belly. I just wish I could keep him little. He is talking like crazy but he still is shy around other people to talk yet. He says: momma, dadda, bubba (his nickname courtesy of mommy), hi, bye, baby, ball, up, morning, come on, meow, moo, baa, one, two, peek-a-boo and boo. I know there is more but I am a little sleepy to remember. He makes all kinds of silly sounds & just discovered how to click his tongue. They count on Sesame Street so he is now crazy about counting with his fingers. If you start with one he does count to five. He is really good about putting shapes in the correct holes on a couple of his toys. The only foods he doesn't like are pizza and hamburger meat. And surprisingly he doesn't like spicy stuff. He is a like his mommy & daddy and loves his shoes. Sadly he has toys but not like a lot of kids I have seen. Mommy buys him mostly shoes & clothes instead. You all know he is so cute when you see him. He has had some set backs. I think separation anxiety is coming on so right he is in our room in the pack-n-play. But this is also b/c he had surgery today. He has had some meltdowns in the last couple of weeks. Certain things are triggering him to cry unconsolable. Nothing in particular but I keeping an eye out. Yes we are protective of him but we know enough about attachment & the problems that arise with adoption. Sometimes I may ask you to give him back to us or put him down but don't be offended. We are his parents & know when the meltdowns are coming on. As soon as he has one the whole day is a mess. Love you all!!

What a day!

Let me start by telling you about our night last night. For the last couple of nights Cameron will not let Dan give him his bottle. He will only let Mommy. He has at least 3 teeth coming in that I can see. He doesn't let me get too close. We thought he was just being clingy b/c of his teething. Then Monday night he would not go to sleep. He finally fell asleep at 12:00 am. Last night he started again but finally let Dan give him his bottle. He usually gets it downstairs, falls asleep & we take him upstairs no issues. Dan took it up last night after he fell asleep but the screaming began. Yes, I said screaming. He finally fell asleep at 11:45. Then like clock work at 3:48 this morning he started crying. I waited to see if he would fall back asleep. Did he? Of course not we had a big day today why would he. He stopped crying as soon as he saw me but if I attempted to leave the room he would scream. I was so tired & thought I could leave him to cry himself to sleep. But since his room is right next to ours I could hear him scream clear as day. I got up, took him from Dan (yes, Dan actually got up in the middle of the night but since he works I usually don't let him) and went downstairs. I was going to give him something light to eat. Well, he fell asleep in the chair. I took him up, put him in his crib & he started to scream again. I gave up, picked him up & we slept in the spare bedroom together. We got up this morning & he was in a good mood. He couldn't eat so Dan took him for a walk in his wagon to keep him busy. The hospital called to move up his circumsion but we weren't sure about the other doctor's schedule & frankly Mommy was exhausted with 2 nights of hardly any sleep. He was good the whole time at the hospital. Usually he cries & screams at the pediatrician but not there. He showed his muscles to every woman he came in contact with today. He wasn't upset until he got the anthesia. That was so hard for us as parents to watch. He was half out of it & still waving to the nurses. They were fighting over who would get him next. But at that moment I realized how much I truly love him and how blessed Dan & I are to have him as our son. He was meant to be ours in every way. His 2 skin tags on gone on his neck. There is no bandage & he keeps touching them which is really grossing Mommy out. Mr. Winky looks good. A little swollen but so much better than before. He does like to grab at it b/c I think it is itchy a little so if you see him don't be offended. We go to the ENT to have the one straight stitch taken out of his skin tags & the rest will dissolve. Mr. Winky ones will dissolve & we go back in a month to check that. Waking up from anthesia was pretty bad. He kept trying to pull out the IV. Then Mommy almost got sick b/c of some horrible smell. For the next 15 minutes he was very mad & unconsolable. This is normal but so hard since Cameron is never this mad. He is such a happy kid. Halfway home he was back to the happy Cameron. He drank the whole cup of apple juice they sent home. He then had 3 cups of Pedialyte, another glass of diluted juice & his bottle. Can we say Mt. Rushmore! He ate a whole bowl of crackers without getting sick so he got one more bowl & some chicken noodle soup. He seems to be pretty good but tomorrow will be the tester. Especially with Daddy not here. I don't ever want to do this ever again. I took some pictures & will post tomorrow.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Can you say animal lovers?!

Louie, Sammy & Rascal
Louie (dachshund) Mariah (cairn terrier)
Sammy (yorkie) Rascal (as Dan says our biggest animal at 18 lbs, how sad is that)
Riley (his is the baby we got last November)

Many of you that know us know we love animals. Well, I couldn't stand not having 3 dogs. We have had them for 6 years and it was killing me not having Foster here. So I went & found a new puppy. We were either going to get a dachshund or a yorkie. I have wanted a yorkie so bad but most of the girls I found were $800-$1000 or were 3-4 hours away. Well Wednesday we went & got a baby boy yorkie. Daddy came home & knew what I had done. He is so cute though! He follows Louie our dachshund around everywhere. And he is a little lover.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Remember: Summer=warm=children playing

Wow! What a moment I just had. Our homeowner association keeps sending out e-mails & letters reminding everyone that there is too much speeding on our streets. We have things around the neighborhood catching peoples speeds. I try to go 20-22 mph on these streets. There are a lot of very little kids playing. We have construction on the main road so I have to go around through the neighborhood to get to our house. I just had a fun afternoon swimming with my son and we were on our way back. He finally fell asleep in the car & I was hoping he would stay that way to take a nap. There was a car behind me who decided to pass me b/c I was only going 22 in a 25 mph zone. We were almost to the end of the road. When I pulled into my driveway to get the mail she proceeds to back up to remind me the speed limit is 25 mph. I told her "I know I live on this street and there are little kids playing." She proceeded to call me a loser. The one who was at least 40 years old with her teenage daughter in the car. Now you tell me who the loser is. Don't get me wrong I love MOST of my neighbors but some are just plain BIT****!

EDIT: She also woke my son up from his nap. I hope I never see her at a neighborhood party!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Playing is hard work!

I let Cameron play in his room this morning while mommy got cleaned up & Daddy ran to Goodwill. It was really quiet so I went to check on him & this is what I found. This is only the 2nd time he has done this and the only other time was just Wednesday afternoon.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

We love you Foster!

We just got the call this morning that Foster (our black lab) passed away. He passed away peacefully in his sleep. Dan has been running with him lately about 3 miles a day. He has become a little jealous since Cameron came home. He yelped one morning when he jumped off the bed & we thought he pulled a muscle so Dan quit running with him. A few days ago we came home to bloody diarrhea but didn't know which dog it was. Then that night he went with Dan to the bathroom & made another mess. Tuesday & Wednesday night I had to let him out at 1:00 in the morning which never happens. I took him into the vet Thursday morning b/c he had a nose bleed. Of course Dan was at work by himself since Todd was on vacation. We took him, they did some blood work & x-rays and told us he had Lymphoma. We had no idea animals got this or that to keep an eye out for it b/c of his age. We thought he had just pulled a muscle running with Dan but he was hurting because his lymphnodes where so swolen it hurt to jump. There are 3 forms of lymphoma. Through the skin, chest & GI tract. Foster had it through his GI tract. He had 3 spots on his spleen, one spot on his liver & a little bit of blood in his abdomen. We went ahead with one round of Chemo Thursday and they called Friday that his levels hadn't went down at all. But he had gotten sick Thursday night b/c of all the medication and they wanted to keep him another night. I couldn't sleep all night last night. I tossed & turned all night. I just kept praying last night that if it was his time to just let him pass in his sleep. We didn't want to make the choice to put him to sleep or bring him home to only have to have him pass here. He was such a good dog. Dan had him when I met him 7 years ago. He was a rescue dog that Dan adopted. He had been abused by some people who thought they could train him to be a fighter dog. (He has some pit bull in him.) They broke his leg & left him in a closet. Even after going through all that he was so loving. He loved to snuggle & just be with it. I am worried about our other dogs b/c they really loved him. We will miss him so much!! We love you!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What a crazy day!

Today Mommy had a hair appt. to get her hair highlighted & while my color processed Cameron was getting a hair cut. This is the first time he has been there when my color has been done. He was there once before when I got my hair cut & he has already had his hair cut twice. The girls there love him. He is always flirting with them. I took him in the stroller & let him sit in it & eat while my color was being done. Next it was his turn but today he wasn't having it. I took his shirt off before Elizabeth (my colorist) put the cape on him. He immediately starting balling & getting hysterical. We took it off & I tried to calm him down. We went to the front of the salon trying to get him to relax. Elizabeth brought him a sucker which he loves. He didn't want it at all. When he finally calmed down Amanda (my nail girl) came out to say Hi. She reached for him to hold him & he started again. He held onto me so tight. After he relaxed another girl came up to him & freaked him out. I truly think he thought they were going to take him from me. He had the tightest grip ever. But even while he was crying he waved to all the girls. He is so cute! It was so hard to see him cry so hard but it felt good that he was wanting me to keep him safe. It was an awesome feeling. I gave him my cell phone & he immediately did a 180. But we still never got his hair cut. We'll try again before his surgery. Thanks for trying Elizabeth!

Our trip to Gatlinburg, TN

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