Sunday, November 29, 2009

FFF-No Faces!

I am very late posting this but I have been having trouble with the pictures loading on my computer. This is Cameron & Dan's hands while they painted Cameron's pumpkins for Halloween. It is too cute seeing the two of them working together.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope the few of you out there that read my blog have a "Happy Thanksgiving"! The holidays are always filled with tears around here. Tears of happiness! You never quite know life until you have a child to discover it with.

I always remember being so excited when I was little about the holidays b/c my grandma was just so into it all and made sure I was always a part of that. She always made sure there was something to help her with. I miss her so much this time of year b/c the more family that was there the better. Now that she has passed away I feel like that has gotten away quite a bit. Now that I have my baby boy I making my own memories. I love watching him discovering and learning what it is really all about. I am so thankful to his birth mom for letting us be the ones to raise him and call him our own. If it wasn't for her my heart wouldn't be so full!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The 3's are coming!

I am really trying to post more but something always seems to get in the way. Cameron got sick last week and who do you think got it next? Of course the nose blower, Mommy. I tried to not give him cough medicine since it is recommended not to but he was having such a hard time. Just a side note: My child is one you do NOT give Benadryl to. While most kids go right to sleep after having it my child runs around like he is on speed. So after taking the cough medicine for a few days he started acting up-BIG TIME! We thought for sure it was the medicine so since he was feeling better we stopped giving it to him. Unfortunately for sick me it wasn't that-just plain testing the boundaries toddlerhood. Crazy toddlerhoood! People keep telling me boys are harder-don't listen as well. Cameron has had his moments but was never that disobedient. Until now! He loves to do things he isn't supposed to and gives you the shit grin while he is doing so. Let's just say he was in time-out so many times he decided to put Daddy in time-out while they were playing last night. He even told him to sit and be quiet. Then when his time was up he told him "Mere please!" I know he understands it now that he has done that. I did ask him the other day "What part of No don't you understand? The "N" or the "O". His answer, "The "O"! That's my boy!

Friday, November 13, 2009

FFF-Beautiful Gifts

Yes, I am back. Sorta. I got a new cord but dumb-dumb me didn't think about the fact that the battery has lived out his life. The first thing I had to do now that I am somewhat up and running is Hannah's FFF. Of course my baby boy (although he is almost 3 he tells me he his momma's baby every day) is one of the greatest, most beautiful gifts I have received. We prayed for a long time to finally have a child and then to receive one and have to wait even longer before we could hold him. He will always and forever be my baby!