Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Am I the only one who doesn't have the umph to blog?

I have become an addict to Facebook. There I admit it. I am not on all day but I do check a few times a day. Mainly because I am doing the get-together in July. There is a lot going on with us. Cameron had his 2nd birthday party and it was a blast. I will post pictures & videos. We have our 1st family day on Friday. Dan is taking the day off and we are going to Newport Aquarium. We are spending the whole day together but that is what we do almost every day. We are a little concerned because while at Aunt Mollie's this weekend he became deathly afraid of their algae sucker. Hopefully when we see the big fish he doesn't freak out.

We are now looking at preschools for Cameron for the fall enrollment. I have to admit I have been crying about this. The thought of him not being with me all day is a little sad. I know he needs it and will be fine but I am very, very attached to my little man. He is growing up so much & he is so much fun to be around when he isn't teething. We are going on vacation in June to California and I can't wait. Not only to get some warm weather & sunshine but to watch how much fun Cameron will have. He is so into things now it is going to be so much fun to watch him play in the sand, ride the rides at Universal, see a baseball game & just be a kid. Hopefully he can handle the 5 hour flight there just fine.

We are working on our 2nd adoption now. We are just doing our homestudy now and really deciding on what program to go with. We were hoping to do Special Needs from Korea and actually found a little man we were absolutely in love with. Because we selected off a photolisting website along with a few other families our agency required us to go to committee for them to select who would be the best fit for the child. To say it was stressful is an understandment. We were not selected. I have found out who the family is that was selected and hope they love him as much as we would have. We were down for awhile but are back on the boat. Our child is out there but it will be when God decides. If we don't find a child from Korea by June then we will be going with Special Needs from China.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Please pray for this child

I came across this through the Riggs Family blog. I just read it and balled my eyes out. Why do children have to go through this? Why can't all the bad, horrible people be the ones to go through it?


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Then & Now!

3 days old-Our first picture of our baby boy!

In Guatemala on pick-up 1 year 14 days old

One year pictures (late) May 2008
Two year pictures. Now a little man!!

Happy Birthday sweet baby! I love you more than I ever thought possible. You mean the world to daddy & I. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect little man!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Birthday Fun

Practicing blowing out candles

My baby will be two on Sunday. I have been crying a lot the last few weeks knowing he is growing up. Imagine how I will be when he turns 18. This is first birthday with us. We missed his 1st birthday by 12 days. I love this little man more than I ever felt possible. It hurts some days because I love him so much. He has inherited a lot of my bad habits being around me all day. Tonight we went to Skyline Chili for dinner. He was eating his crackers while we waited for dinner. He grabbed a napkin and started whiping down the table. He even picked up his cup of crackers and whiped under them. He is learning early!!! He now loves to repeat everything I say and do. Every time I clear my throat you can soon hear Cameron do the same thing. I have to tell him to "Come on" several times during the day. Boys!!! Soon after he does the hand gesture and says "Cumon" in Cameron. He loves his cars and choo-choos and his favorite color is blue. We took him the library a few weeks ago and got some books. He has to read them all before bedtime. Good thing I hid two of them. His favorite is What's Wrong Pookie?. If you have never read this book it is right up a toddler's alley. Let's just say there are a lot of No's in the book. And he knows most of the words now.

Tomorrow we are having his birthday party at Run, Jump & Play. I am so excited to enjoy the day with our son. Today I finally got everything ready and picked up some Disney Cars balloons. He loves them and has been talking about them all day. He got upset that we couldn't take them into any of the other stores after we picked them up. He makes me laugh so much! And let me tell you the twos are in full force. I have decided to write him a letter just from mommy every birthday until he is 18. I know now he will not understand but when he gets older it will be a nice thing to reflect on.

Sunday is his actual birthday and we are going to go to Build-A-Bear (sign up for the birthday club, you get a free stuffed animal) and then have dinner. I love watching grow into a little man but it breaks my heart that he can't just stay little. I pray to God every day for letting us be his parents. We are so lucky to be a part of his life. His birth mother gave me the best gift she could have given anyone and I pray for her every day.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Prayer Group

I posted this on Facebook but wanted to put it on here to.

We are going to do a prayer group for Abby tomorrow. At 3:00 pm EST everyone stop what you are doing and pray for Abby. Maybe if we all pray at the same time God will heal this beautiful little girl faster.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tagged by Mayna

Mayna at http://aamayna.blogspot.com/ tagged Cameron.

1. Cameron newest obsession is dip. Almost every meal he has to have some kind of dip. He always goes and grabs the barbeque sauce out of the refrigerator and brings it to you.

2. He loves his shoes. He goes in his closet every day and picks out the ones he wants to wear.

3. He has this sinister laugh that is hysterical. I have no clue where he got it from but it is so funny when he does it.

4. He is very affectionate. Our 3rd day with him in Guatemala he gave me my first kiss all on his on. He loves to give kisses and hugs. If he sees us a hug someone he has to do it too.

5. He loves playing golf. We bought a plastic set last summer and now he has to play with it every day in the house. He is really good when he hits the ball.

6. Cameron came home on March 4th, 2008. On the night of March 6th, 2008 he took his first steps. Yes, you read that right 2 days later. After a few days of walking he starting running and hasn't stopped since.

7. He loves Mickey Mouse. We went to Disney last November and he tried to jump the line to get to see him and Minnie. He has 3 different Mickeys he has to sleep with every night. (Don't worry after he falls asleep I take them all out.)

8. He has a new night-night ritual. You have to kiss every stuffed animal in his bed before you kiss him. He will say Mama Pooh, Mama Mickey, Mama Mickey, Mama Mickey and Mama Dog Dog. Then it is Daddy's turn. If you don't kiss every one of them he throws a fit.

9. He is very good about cleaning up. Every day we go up for our nap, go bye bye or go to bed he has to put his toys away. I tell him to pick them up and he puts every one of them away and knows where they go. (Wonder who he learned this from?)

10. Cameron loves to see how things work. He watches you do something and then can do it all on his own. He has the jump & play pony that has to be plugged into the tv. He pulls out the box, plugs it in the correct color holes and turns it on all after seeing me do it one time.

Cameron is tagging...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Calling all Guatemamas from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois or anyone else who wants to join in!

I know like a lot of you I would love to go to Guatoberfest on the cruise. Unfortunately we are just not able to go. I have been thinking about doing a get together for us since most of the Guat get togethers are on the West Coast. I found an awesome hotel in Indianapolis, IN with a huge indoor waterpark. They allow 5 people to a room which I thought was a nice bonus.http://caribbeancovewaterpark.com/
The Children's Museum is a 10 miles away and that is one of the best we have been to. I thought we could go to this on Saturday. I was thinking of doing it July 17th-19th. Let me know if any of you would be interested on going. I have never done anything like this so be patient since this will be the first year and I will be learning along the way.

Come visit our blog and let me know if you would like to attend via comments or e-mail at agatheringofourhearts@hotmail.com.


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