Thursday, September 25, 2008

One more update!

My mom is doing awesome. She had to stay an extra day b/c she had a little pneumonia but it was gone by the next morning. She very proud to say she can fit in her old clothes again. She lost quite a bit of weight (which always tends to happen when gets the loser men out of her life) and the doctor gave her a free tummy tuck while he was in there. I told her to go see the other surgeon when she was ready to get herself fixed up right. I am so happy she is doing good this time and took my advice for once. LOL! Love ya mom. Now if we can find her a good man after this I think things will be good for her. Cameron goes for his 18 month check-up a month late on Friday. I know bad mom. I did try to schedule but their phone was always busy. I did way him this weekend and he weighs 26.2 lbs. I miss my little man. I know he has to grow up but it is so hard. I try real hard to let him do things on his own but at times it is hard to let go. Monday night Dan & I went to the Celine Dion concert in Columbus. He got me the tickets for Christmas. He doesn't really listen to her music so I should have taken Mindy instead but it was nice to get away just the two of us. Aunt Mollie (Dan's sister) watched him for us. The next day I got the rath b/c we left him. The concert was good though so it was worth it. Hopefully he didn't wear Aunt Mollie down so she will babysit again some day. And today I went to Wal-Mart (which I never do since I am an avid Target fan) to find the pumpkin decorating things that Candy & KyKy had. No such luck. All well I only have like 10 other Wal-Marts in our area to check. But we did discover our first tantrum in public. I decided to let him cry it out and just told him to tell me when he was done. People give me the goofest looks when I say that. 30 minutes later he stopped but got a talking to when we got to the car. Cameron never acts like this so it was very hard for me but I make without letting it upset me. Here come the twos. YEAH!!

P.S. I can't load pictures so tomorrow I will most the concert pics.

Can you say bad blogger!

I check everyone else's blogs and get upset if there is no new news on their families but look at me. Well, Cameron went to his first Bengals game and of course I forgot the camera. I decided I would take some when we got home. Well, it was very windy and I hadn't kept up on the weather other than it was going to rain later. Hurrican Ike was on its way with winds at 80 m.p.h. Only in Ohio as I always say. We got home to find our big tree in front of the house knocked over. Things were blowing everywhere in the back yard & we had no power. I told Dan to run in and get the door unlocked I would grab Cameron. I grabbed everything I could and headed for the front door. I was starting to drop things running as fast as I could. Guess what?! Dumb dumb locked the front door. I rang & rang the doorbell. No answer. By this point I am mad and trying to not drop him & things in my hands and it is very windy. I ran to the back and yelled for him. He finally came around and I yelled at him for locking the door. As of course he says he didn't. I told him to hold the dogs so I could get in the gate. I walked in the house and guess what?! The front door was locked. Hello! Anyway, we are safe and no damage to the house. We lost the only other big tree we had b/c we had to cut the birch tree down. Dan insisted we go to dinner that night. I tried to tell him that there would be no where to eat b/c there was no power. We adventured out. No stop lights working. Look all the restaurants are dark & CLOSED. Kroger was our only option. We got some food and ran home. No power until late Monday night. Thank God I didn't run to the store like I was going to that weekend. We didn't get phones until Thursday and internet until Friday. Of course Dan had the office all to himself since Todd (his business partner) was on vacation. He got the phones & internet up so his employees could get back to work the next day. It was hard on Cameron at night. He was very testy. The first night he slept in our bed. The next morning I said he had to sleep in his crib from now on. It was easy in Guatemala on P/U because he was smaller and we had no animals in the bed. Now that he is bigger and he turns sideways he kicks Mommy in the neck and then wakes up at 6:00 a.m. Here are pictures of our poor tree. Our neighbor said ours was the first to go on the street.

Naked house with no trees in front. Our neighbor's roof. They just moved a few weeks ago. There was damage all over the roof.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Look at what I went off & did!


Before the chop!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mommy I love you!

Right now I should be in bed asleep b/c I have to get up at 5:00 a.m. My mom has surgery tomorrow morning. Dan, Cameron & I are going. I hate to say it but I am really worried. It is actually a pretty simple procedure. She had to have part of her bowel removed last year b/c she had a tear in it. While it was healing she had to have a poopy bag as I call it. Well, she went in to have everything put back together last year and it didn't go so well. She developed pnemonia and had to go on oxygen and a respirator. Then she had an infection b/c her dumbass surgeon had sewn part of her bowel part of her stomach fat. You would think she would know what a bowel looks like. So she had to have emergency surgery to put the poopy bag back on. Then she got MRSA. Yes, the lovely staph infection. It was so hard to watch her be sedated. I would stay with her all day. She couldn't talk or write but she would tell you what she wanted. She doesn't remember any of it. I really wish she would go after that doctor but that is her choice. She missed my baby shower b/c she got so sick but if I would have canceled it she would have killed me. I already went to target and loaded up on lysol wipes, lysol and hand sanitizer. Anyone that steps foot in that room better wash their hands and not touch anything that hasn't been sanitized. She has another doctor doing her surgery. She works at the hospital and has really gotten to know him. He better do this right or he will be in a world of hurt. We all love you very much mom! You will be just fine.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Home in the U.S.A. for 6 months

I have been thinking all day what I was going to say today. It has been 6 months since Cameron has been home in Ohio with us. He was so happy all day even after getting up at 5:00 a.m. to catch the shuttle to the airport. Every girl that worked in the airport was in love with him. It was a little different taking a little one through the airport security 3 different times. Note to everyone you cannot carry them through with the carrier. I told Dan but he kept forgetting in Guatemala. He slept most of the 1st flight to Houston. Finally in Houston we got to go through immigration with our son. I was so happy to finally say "Yeah he is OUR son." We only waited for about 4o minutes. Amy, Andy & Mayna who was with us (they used our agency as well) went before us. Poor Amy was so sick and almost didn't make the flight home. Then it was our turn. He smiled & laughed the whole time. We ate after going through security and Cameron had his first chicken nugget. He was in love!! LOL! When we landed in Dayton it was pooring down rain. My dad was the only one meeting us. We kinda asked everyone to meet us later b/c he wasn't doing good with attachment. My dad picked the luggage & us up at the front door. He was so happy to be a grandpa and to finally see his grandson. He did pretty good in the carseat as long as I was back there. When we pulled into the driveway I have to say a weight was lifted from my shoulders. He is finally here. He will finally sleep in his room, in his crib that has been there for over a year. He loved his room. He was checking everything out. Especially the diaper pail. That was his favorite. Then 2 days later on March 6th he started walking and hasn't stopped since. I did have some hard times at first. I loved his so much but part of me was so afraid someone was going to take him away. It took so long to get him home that is just didn't feel real. Then one day it all went away. He know tells me he loves me before bed every day. Although in Cameron language it is "I lub you". That was the one thing I couldn't wait to hear from his lips. That & Mama but he started that in Guatemala. He is so smart and so happy even though he has been through so much. He was in 2 different foster homes before coming to us. I love looking in those big brown eyes every day. He is a gift from God that we are so grateful for. I love you baby boy!