Saturday, January 30, 2010

FFF U-Pick Favorite February Foto

Like Hannah it is hard to just pick one. This last month or so Cameron's personality has just blown up. And I mean literally. The 3's may kill me! This child has such a mind of his own & always has but add that to the terrible 3's and let's just say Mommy has grown some grey hairs.


Since it's been cold out and I don't like going outside unless it is above 30 degrees we have been doing a lot of crafts. Cameron is really getting into painting and doing stickers.

I was sick last weekend so Dan took Cameron to the train museum. He is really getting into watching them.

But we did go play in the snow. He loved having me pull him around in the sled.

And even went to see Pappaw T. (my dad) do a basketball shooting clinic at Miami for the local YMCA kids. Cameron was a little jealous. He made sure they knew it was his Pappaw.

Cameron enjoyed a fun sucker!

But I think Cameron's favorite was seeing Sophia. These are so crazy & fun to watch. It is so awesome to see how much they have grown up and how much fun they have together!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I am really loving taking pictures of Cameron lately. He loves to finally show me his big smile and yell cheese really loud! He loves being silly when we take pictures. The closer we are getting to his third birthday (next month) the more personality he is showing. And believe me this kid is bossy and stubborn but is also so sweet!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

FFF-Favorite Holiday Picture

With Daddy before the Farrell Family Christmas.

And his hot mama!! Haha!

Posing with Daddy & the personalized bat we got him!

Opening Pappaw T.'s gifts. He couldn't get the tape off!

Opening his Handy Manny bike from Nana!

What is better than M&Ms!

I actually have a couple ones that I just love. Cameron was very into opening gifts this year. He was still careful about ripping the paper off but it was so fun watching him. Once I cried experiencing it through my baby's eyes. And it was even better since we had to wake him at 10:00 to open gifts!

Just a little update!!

Ruthanne passed court! I can't wait to see how her trip to Ethiopia goes.