Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting back on the horse!

Unlike some people I have not had much desire to post on blogger. Maybe it is b/c of summer time or maybe b/c I am addicted to facebook. Well, not that bad. I will do all my babbling on this post and add some pictures on the next few. Our summer has been a little busy this year but mainly just on the weekends. During the week it is me & Cam. Where do I begin? We have had play dates with Hannah, Sophia & Dmitry (Phia as he calls her) at the Children's Museum, the waterpark in Louisville and just recently the outlet mall. Ham (as Phia calls Cameron) and Phia are madly in love! LOL! I guess I love hanging out with Hannah too!!! JK! I had my first annual A Gathering of Our Hearts in Indy in July. It turned our great but I will save that for another post. Cameron loved spending all weekend with the guate babies and I loved getting to meet all my adopt moms in person. It was so much fun and I hope it is bigger next year. We went camping with Mammaw & Pappaw (Dan's parents) in Brown County, Indiana. Cameron loved staying in their bus as he calls it & although we all smelled by the end of the weekend it was fun.

Dan's mom had her 2nd stem cell transplant 3 weeks ago and she is doing pretty good. She has multiple myeloma and had one 7 years ago. They had some stem cells left from the last transplant so she thought it was in her best interest to do another. It scared us but it was ultimately her decision. She gave us a scare here and there but seems to be doing a lot better. She still can't eat b/c of the sores in her mouth from the chemo she gets before but she is walking around and talking like crazy. That's my mom-in-law. (I just call her mom!)

Cameron is growing up like crazy. He is 2 and 1/2 now but loves calling himself Mama's baby. He is now 3 feet tall and 30 lbs and all boy. He is very orny and stubborn but I love him to pieces. He is so much like Dan & I it isn't funny. Every day I am told how cute he is & boy does he know it! He is so into shoes & clothes it isn't funny. Wonder who he got that from?! He loves to be out & about and really does get upset if we aren't going to see Phia his girlfriend as he calls her. He is very independent and gets upset if you don't let him so something. He has to everything including bringing Dan his boxers in the morning and helping him change his clothes when he gets home from work. He has to help Daddy with the shoe inserts, put his dirty clothes in the hamper, put his shoes away and then steal any change he has in his pockets for his piggybank. He amazes me every day the things he remembers. He knows whose house is off what exit of the highway. How does he remember these things?

I have been pretty busy just being mommy and a wife. I am happy to say that I took the plunge and got right into this get together we had last month. For those of you were there and those of you that know me I am VERY shy until I get to know you. I had to hand deliver the gift bags I made and introduce myself to complete strangers. I hate patting myself on the back but that was a VERY big deal for me. I do have to say I made some great life long friends. It was so much fun to get to hang out with Hannah & her family all weekend. They have been the first couple that Dan & I have felt comfortable with from the very start. We are all too much alike it is scary. Hannah, I think you need move closer so we can hang out more. At least that is what our social worker said!

Cameron's favorite day on our vacation!

We have been to Disneyworld already when we visited the in-laws last November but we both thought he would really get into being that he is officially obsessed with Mickey & Minnie. Disneyland in California is awesome. It is smaller but it is no nice to have one main entrance to get into both parks and downtown Disney. And it is open until midnight so we could take our time. When we first arrived we decided to get him Mickey ears since we didn't do that last time. While Dan was in the store getting ears I was outside with Cameron avoiding the crowd. All of a sudden here comes Mickey & Minnie right where we were standing. They were coming out to do their autograph signing & we were the first ones. Cameron actually got a whole 5 minutes with them all to himself. He was in awe & so happy to see them. He kept kissing them on the noses and they loved it. I, of course, didn't take him out of the stroller but it was so awesome just to watch him light up. He only slept for about 10 mins the whole day we were there. We went over to downtown Disney for dinner and went to their huge store. They have the biggest store in the world there and I am determined to go back just to Christmas shop. If we weren't flying we would have stocked up for Christmas. Cameron crashed so hard when we got to the car. He actually slept the whole time I was putting his jammies on in the room. It was the best day and I love seeing Disney through my baby's eyes.

Here's the pictures.