Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For those that haven't figured it out yet!

We are going to be a family of four! Dan, Cameron & I are adopting a baby boy from South Korea. We accepted his referral while we were in Florida on our vacation. Our agency has a photolisting on their website and we asked to look at his medical information back in November. Another family also requested his information and wanted to go forward with his adoption. If more than one family wants to move forward our agency makes families go to committee to decide which is a best fit for the child. We did this once last year and just couldn't handle doing it again so we decided to pass. A couple of days before we left for Florida I received an e-mail asking if we wanted to see his information again because the previous family fell threw. We had been debating on going with China or South Korea (and was completing a homestudy for China) and knew that was our sign. We looked over his medical information and decided he was meant to be a part of our family.

He will be one next month and will hopefully be home this summer. South Korea is SO much different than Guatemala. No court, no dossier. It all goes through USCIS and the Korean government. We just got our homestudy completed and are waiting on our acceptance paperwork from our agency. Once we sign that I can post pictures of him. He is so adorable and Cameron is ready to teach him bad things! I am so excited to get his room together and see Cameron finally have a partner in crime!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The rest of our crazy trip!

The rest of trip consisted of resting, eating, playing and more resting. One day we went to Blue Springs Park. This is where the manatees hang out while the weather is changing. There were over 300 of them and we could really see them close up. It is amazing to see how big they are close up and learn about how they are injured by boat propellors.

Friday night we hung out at Downtown Disney. We bought Cirque du Soleil tickets for Dan's mom for her Christmas, Mother's Day and Birthday gift. The show is called La Nouba and it is the 2nd time I have seen it. Sad to say this is the 7th time I have been to a Cirque show. I am addicted. While we were at the show Dan, his dad and Cameron walked around downtown. The place has tripled since we were down there almost 4 years ago. Unfortunately it was crazy packed so I didn't get to adventure anywhere other than the show. I did make Dan drive me down to the big Disney store so I could get the Mickey sprinkles for cookies. I could have stayed in there all night. And guess what I find some and bought 2 bottles of them.

Saturday we went to the driving range and watched Cameron hit some golf balls. He did really good until he starting throwing fits because he thinks he is Tiger Woods and doesn't need any help. He had fun watching Daddy hit them far. Overall it was a good trip but we were worn out with Cameron's sleep habits and full on tantrums. Being in a strange place tends to do that to him. And now we have to repair the windshield due to flying rocks.

Just think...Next year there will be two boys in that backseat!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cameron's 3rd Birthday at Disney

(Sorry so much time in between posts but soon you will find out why.)

Cameron turned 3 on Feb. 15th and man what a crazy day it was. Dan's parents live about an hour from Disney so we go every year. I had shirts made for Cameron & I to wear. We went to Animal Kingdom for the first time and it was a little different than we had hoped. We had scheduled breakfast with the characters so we had to leave extra early. Of course Cameron had to have a huge tantrum right before we were paged for our table. He has become a little shy so he was kinda scared of Micky, Daisy & Goofy. The breakfast buffet they had was AMAZING! They had anything & everything you could think of. They brought Cameron a HUGE cupcake after we ate and Mommy loved seeing the Mickey sprinkles. Needless to say I had to have them.

This park doesn't have too many rides for Cameron but we were pretty busy all day and enjoyed every minute of his excitement. We all loved the Jungle Safari and got to see baby giraffes which are all over our house. He was actually falling asleep in the stroller and when I asked him if he wanted to go see Tigger, Pooh & Eeyore he jumped out the stroller. He was jumping up & down and so excited to see them all. This was also his first time seeing the parade. He is usually sleeping during it but I made sure to keep him awake. The only thing that scared him was the 4D Bug Show. I forgot how much he doesn't like them and they wouldn't let us out. We loved seeing his eyes light up every time!!! He was very excited to get a new pin and holder for all his other ones. He crashed in the car soon after getting his chicken nuggets for dinner.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Finally pictures from our trip!

We tried leaving at 6:00 am on Friday but because of the lovely roof rack we were an hour late. Poor Dan had to fix it in 10 degree weather. Of course, we have great luck! Cameron did pretty good most of the ride but had a big tantrum b/c he was hungry and tired. Those are no fun while in the car driving 70+ mph. He feel asleep while eating his chicken nuggets. The first few days we took it easy. Of course, Cameron went from getting up at 9:30 to getting up at 8:00. Pappaw is a very loud talker and tends to wake up the house in the morning. We did a little playing at the playground, took rides in the golf cart and did a little cake baking. I made Cameron a cake on Sunday to celebrate his 3rd birthday. We got some figurines to add to his cake. (Hannah, they work with his playset you got him.) He is deeply in love with Toy Story as you can see. He was more than excited to get his Buzz Lightyear from Mommy & Daddy. He also got a sleeping bag and some new shoes before we left for Florida. He was a little embarassed by us singing to him.

Yeah it was that cold when we left!

Can you see the chicken nugget in his hand?!

Playing at the playground.

Bubba's cake. Hey it did the job!

Making his wish.

Mammaw & Pappaw (Dan's parents)


Oh Buzz how I love you!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet baby boy!