Thursday, June 26, 2008

Calling Guat moms!

I looked into Mommy groups on This is a big jump for me. When I found the ones in our area they meet at 9:00 or 10:00 am. Unfortunately this will not work for us. My son is on a goofy schedule compared to most & doesn't get up until 9:00/9:30. I am looking to see if anyone else out there in the Cincy/N. Kentucky area would like to meet up for playdates. Other moms whose child is on the same schedule are welcome too. 11:00 is probably the earliest we could make it without him being Mr. Crabby pants. You can e-mail me at

Here we go!

We joined Lifetime Fitness Tuesday night. This is the first time being a member to anything like this. I am a little anxious just b/c of those that know me I am very shy at first. Once the shell is finally broken watch out though. There are some Mason snobs (my joke for those that know) that are members there that I may just have to put in their place. We ran into one waiting for our cards. I am a mom & was having a bad hair day. I put it in a ponytail, put on one those stupid headwrap things or whatever & threw on a summer dress. Well she proceeded to walk by and look me up & down. I returned the favor. There are some days I would rather play with my son than take the hour & a half to get ready. Yes you read that right! We are off to the pool today, just mommy & Cameron. If it rains we can just go to the indoor pool. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So this is what dogs do!

Today I decided to release Cameron. He got to run all over the kitchen & great room while I was making his grilled cheese for lunch. I saw him go around the corner & knew he would eventually find the dog food. He has never gotten into before. I saw him bringing pieces out & giving them to Louie. After a few minutes I told him to come here. He had a piece in his hand & his little mouth was going. I asked him if he ate a piece & he shook his head yes. I looked at him & he proceeded to try to put a new piece in his mouth. Apparently dog food is better than I thought. I got the piece out of his mouth. Yuck! Then after lunch we went outside to play with his new sandbox he got yesterday. Can you say "well loved"? Mommy was playing with it more than him. He was more amused with being able to run all over the yard. When I looked up he had a piece of lovely dog poop in his hand. My lovely terrier Mariah likes to poop on the stamped patio. I immediately got in out of his hand & got rid of the poop. Boys!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Pictures from Cameron's birthday

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My Montage 6/20/08

Pictures of the handsome prince!

After hiking with Mommy!
Playing a Sesame Street learning game with Mommy! Wearing my "I'm a proud Guate Momma" shirt!
In our jammies Mother's Day.

Giving Mommy his toy via his mouth. And yes I am still in my jammies that morning.
He wasn't sure about this.
Hanging on Daddy. Doesn't he look comfortable. Not!
Look Mom he is letting me pet him!
My mom is #1!

Bad Blogger!

Wow! I just saw how long it has been since the last post. A lot has happened since then. We just got back from Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I will save that for the next post with pictures. We had a great Mother's Day. I feel bad for my poor husband. He had planned with my mother to go out Saturday night just the two of us for dinner. My mom was gonna come stay the night & babysit. I went to his office one day & opened a drawer looking for a stapler. I found a sticky note with Saturday 9:00 Melting Pot. I didn't think anything of it but Dan thought I did & gave up the secret. I just couldn't do it though. I was not ready to leave him even for a few hours for dinner. I really wanted to go to Yellow Springs to go hiking & then head to Young's Dairy. I just wanted to spend the whole weekend with my family now that my son was finally here. We had fun! It was a little tough on Dan b/c he carried Cameron in the carrier. The trails are a little rough there & Cameron isn't at the age yet to walk there. Then we headed to the dairy. Dan has never been there. I haven't been there in years so to see how big it has gotten was crazy. We went to the barn to visit the goats & cows. It is amazing how animals just come to us. Especially Cameron. He loved the baby goats! (Yes, mom we washed his hands right after!) We then went to get some ice cream. It was pretty good although I ordered chocolate brownie & ended up with coffee with nuts. Yuck! Sunday morning Dan got me doughnuts & flowers. He also let me sleep in a little. We went & got a new camera after returning ours so that was my mother's day gift. We then had Cameron's belated 1st birthday/welcome home party on May 24th. We was so amazing to see all the family & friends who showed up. I think we ended up with about 60 people. We had it at the park thanks to Zach for reserving the shelter. I did have to kick some lovely Mason snob moms out of the shelter & we lost a Pooh balloon (won't go into that-I wasn't very happy). I took some pictures of everyone when they were in the shelter eating. It brought me to tears. We knew we had lots of people who love & support us but to see them all together was awesome. I know my son will always be loved. I will post some pictures!