Monday, March 22, 2010

The rest of our crazy trip!

The rest of trip consisted of resting, eating, playing and more resting. One day we went to Blue Springs Park. This is where the manatees hang out while the weather is changing. There were over 300 of them and we could really see them close up. It is amazing to see how big they are close up and learn about how they are injured by boat propellors.

Friday night we hung out at Downtown Disney. We bought Cirque du Soleil tickets for Dan's mom for her Christmas, Mother's Day and Birthday gift. The show is called La Nouba and it is the 2nd time I have seen it. Sad to say this is the 7th time I have been to a Cirque show. I am addicted. While we were at the show Dan, his dad and Cameron walked around downtown. The place has tripled since we were down there almost 4 years ago. Unfortunately it was crazy packed so I didn't get to adventure anywhere other than the show. I did make Dan drive me down to the big Disney store so I could get the Mickey sprinkles for cookies. I could have stayed in there all night. And guess what I find some and bought 2 bottles of them.

Saturday we went to the driving range and watched Cameron hit some golf balls. He did really good until he starting throwing fits because he thinks he is Tiger Woods and doesn't need any help. He had fun watching Daddy hit them far. Overall it was a good trip but we were worn out with Cameron's sleep habits and full on tantrums. Being in a strange place tends to do that to him. And now we have to repair the windshield due to flying rocks.

Just think...Next year there will be two boys in that backseat!


Heidi said...

Sounds fun! Minus the tantrums, of course. I don't know why I am just now realizing this but you are adopting from Korea?!?! Awesome! Congrats.

Terri said...

What a great vacation and birthday for Cameron and of course you guys! I love Disney World and Disneyland! We're thinking about going again the end of the year.

Two funny things.... I just got my windshield fixed on Monday from rocks being thrown at it and I just blogged about Abbie's tantrums! Okay, maybe those aren't funny things but I had to mention it! =)

I guess my head was stuck in a cloud or something but when I just read that you will have two boys in the back seat I am like... WHAT?! I just looked at your profile and read your adopting from Korea! That is so AWESOME!!!! Congatulations!!!

Maybe one day I'll come out of the clouds! lol